The Budiriro Trust..

is a non-profit organisation supporting education in Zimbabwe by sending money for school fees where there is hardship.

Scholarship recipients Sanelisiwe, David and Victoria share their
experience in this 3 minute video

Some of our scholarship recipients from Nyatsime High School share their
hope for Zimbabwe's future in this aspirational video.

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Why donate to Budiriro Trust?

Your money will be managed by the only British charity solely devoted to delivering sixth form Scholarships to Zimbabwean students. Budiriro trustees have expertise developed over 47 years in supporting education in Zimbabwe by focussing on one goal, to provide scholarships. The personal relationships built up over a number of years in Zimbabwe mean that the process of awarding and monitoring scholarships has been streamlined.

With the help of two Co-ordinators in Zimbabwe, Martin and Joshua, all our students are known to us. Martin and Joshua regularly visit students in the schools to build confidence.

Trustees, co-ordinators, and you, the donors work together to make good things happen.

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Volunteers run Budiriro Trust; there is no office. We donate time and money and we invite you to join us in this happy work by setting up a regular donation via the button on the left.

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